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Everything There is to Know About Electronic Cigarettes
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Welcome to Serious Jones

The New Smoking Alternative Known as Vaping

So you're looking to join the growing community of vapers--either for casual use, or as an alternative to quit smoking, but you aren't sure where to begin. Just like choosing any other electronic device, you must take a few key factors into consideration to ensure you have an e-cig that is right for you! Begin by asking the questions below:

Do You Plan To Vape Primarily At Home, Or While On-the-Go?

Where you vape will play a vital role in selecting a starter kit. If you vape only at home, your vaporizer can be larger and easy to share--such as box, and pipe styles. If you vape on the go, you may opt for a pen style that fits easily into your pocket, purse, or bag. Consider factors such as:

* Size
* Shape
* Weight
* Battery Life
* Number of Batteries
* USB Charger
* Travel Case

Do You Plan To Vape Socially, Or To Enjoy Your Daily Nicotine?

Social Vaping--If you plan to vape primarily for social purposes, you may opt for an e-cig with a bit more personality and style. You may also opt for an e-cig with and adjustable tip, and that is easy to grip for long periods of time.

Daily Vaping--If you plan to vape daily, you will want to select a e-cig that is designed for easy travel, daily use, and that has a clean design that is appropriate in both your personal and professional life. Also look for an e-cig that is easy to turn on and off, and comes with built-in safety features.

Also consider if you starter kit is easy to modify and personalized as your love of vapeing grows.

Do You Want A Starter Kit That Is Easy To Personalize?

Some e-cigs are disposable, but most are designed as a durable option for your long-term vaping needs. When selecting your starter kit, don't forget to inquire about how each e-cig can be modified to meet your personalized needs. The most common modifications are:

* Increased Battery Power
* Increased Voltage
* Increased Wattage

However, you can further personalize your vaping experience by investing in:

* Additional Travel Cases
* Adapters
* Drip Tips
* Lanyards

As your love for vaping grows, you may invest in secondary kits for home and work--and maybe even a backup kit, or vape supplies to place in the glove compartment of your care. To find a vape supply store near you, simply type in your city and state a long with the keyword vape supplies and you're bound to find a store close by. For example, if you're looking for a vape supply store in Roswell Georgia, you could type in e-cigarette or vape juice in Roswell Georgia and you'll pull up the VapeZone. There website seems to have a lot of supplies and they even sell a starter kit for newbies.

Vaping Etiquette:

A lot of establishments have banned smoking, especially in restaurants and some places are even starting to ban the use of vaping devices. You should always check with the establishment you're at to ensure they allow vaping. The worst case scenario is that the establishment does not allow the use of e-cigarettes or vaping devices and you'll have to go outside to enjoy the device and your chosen flavor. Always be considerate of others and they will be considerate of you.


Electronic Cigarettes Give You Another Method To Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are also known as personal vaporizers and are battery-powered devices which offer you doses of nicotine in a vaporized solution which you take in through inhalation just as you would through a regular cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes look; taste and feel exactly like a normal cigarette but do not produce any smoke or burn any tobacco or produce any tar. These new age cigarette are also cheaper than regular cigarettes.

The nicotine in these cigarettes is available to you at different strengths and with different flavors.

These cigarettes are carefully designed to resemble traditional cigarettes. They are battery operated and are activated once you inhale. As you take a puff the device will switch on and the heating element will work to vaporize the nicotine solution within the tube. This will be converted into a fine mist which is just like smoke.

These cigarettes do not require any form of flame and do not produce any form of smoke. This makes them safer for you and those around you. Even though they may look like you are smoking you are not and so you would be able to get away with this in places that smoking is typically banned.

Electronic cigarettes will also save you money in the long run, especially as the cost of normal cigarettes is constantly increasing. You will need to purchase the initial starter pack you will see instant savings. The starter pack may seem a little costly at first but once you start to see the savings you will not look back.

With your new way of smoking you will quickly notice that as apposed to the amount you are used to spending on cigarettes, one pack of your new cigarettes will only cost you around 75 cents and they are refillable! You will also have no more use for lighters that you keep loosing and ashtrays that you keep cleaning.

Even smokers hate the smell of cigarette smoke so one of the best things about these new cigarettes is that they produce no smell. The vapor produced is so light that is evaporates almost instantly. It therefore will not bother those around you and will not leave your hands, clothes and hair stinking of stale smoke.

Electronic cigarettes will also not cause yellow stains on your teeth and they eliminate the risk of fire caused by cigarettes. Although they look like they are lit, it is simply an LED light on the end.

This new form of smoking is simply an alternative to the original method and should not be used as a tool to help you quit. They should also not be used by children as a toy.

Electronic cigarettes are readily available online and there are numerous companies which are producing various versions.


Mammoth Vape Coils and Vape Batteries

Mammoth Mods have a variety of Vape Coils and Batteries at affordable prices. For the Vape Coils, we offer the equipment like:

The Aspire Coils

This is just one brand of vaping coils. We have a variety of Aspire Coils at very friendly prices. They include the following devices.

a) Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coils

These come in 5 pack. The price is $14.50 each. They ship in 24 hours. They have a resistance of 0.5 ohms each. AARC is the one that has replaced the Eigate Aspire Atlantis-the Bottom Vertical Coil. They consume thepower of between 20 to 30 watts.

b) Aspire BVC -ETS, K1, Replacement Coils

The coils go at $9.99 and ship in 24 hours. They only work in ET, ETS, K1, aspire Nova but not onNautilus or the Nautilus mini. They also come in 5 packs.

c) Aspire Triton NI200 Replacement Coils

They have as low resistance as 0.5 ohms. They also come in 5 pack. Thesecoils usually cost $18.50 each. They are advantageous since they allow for the use of outputs that control temperature. Theyonly apply to compatible devices. The coilsallow for high vape quality and superior control. The compatibility of these coils with the platform of Aspire Atlantis make them bring the new Sub-Ohm Tanks to this new age.You should know that these coils are only compatible to Aspire Triton Tank.

There are still more of the Aspire Coils that we have. You can see the whole list on our website (Vapingmammoth.com)

The Kangertech Coils

The coils in this brand include:

a. Kanger SSOCC

It is theprimary cotton coil. It is for Sub Tank Series and it costs $19.50. This type of coils is not capable of working with other clearomizers.

b. Clapton Coil

It is for Sub Tank series and Top Tank Series. It comes in 5 packs. It costs only $19.50.

There are still more other coils in this brand. The other coils are SSOCC Replacement Coil, OCC Replacement Coil, Dual Coil and much more. The two are just to show you some of the examples we have.

Alongside these coils, there are also Vape Batteries. The batteries help to operate the mods easily.

The Vape Batteries

If you are looking for the best batteries for your vaporizers, come to Mammoth Mods. The Vape Batteries we offer help you operate your personal vaporizers. The vape batteries offered at Mammoth Mods are safe to use as compared to other high lithium discharge batteries. Apart from being safe, we will also provide you with safety measures to protect you. This is because we value you and your life. Some of the excellent brands of vape batteries include:

Efest Batteries

Some of the efest batteries include:

Efest (Purple) IMR 18350

The battery has aflat top. It is rated as 10.5A and 3.7V. This is the best battery for the Mechanical Mod. This battery does not need the protection circuit. It can be charged with any Lithium-Ion battery charger with 4.2V. However, you are advised to use the Intelligent Charger. The battery only cost $8.99.


Digital Vaporizers - A Walk On The Technical Side of Vaporizers

Vaporizers are devices that are used to capture the essences of an herb and heat it to the right temperature to be able to emit the aroma of the active elements into the air. They are used as smokeless products to allow people to inhale the aroma and active ingredients in tobacco or other herbs without having to actually smoke the leaves of the plant, therefore being a much more healthy alternative.

One type of vaporizers are the digital vaporizers. Digital vaporizers work by running electronically and have the benefit of an adjustable digital temperature control feature. The great thing about digital vaporizers is that the user of one can have the opportunity to change the digital temperature to exactly what they find to be the best and most effective temperature for each kind of herb that they are using. Most of the digital vaporizers that are on the market are run on 110 volts and 220 volts.

If you are looking for a good digital vaporizer, you may be wondering what the cost of one will be. Digital vaporizers typically run in the price range of $140 to $640. Of course there are a lot of varieties and brands within the price range. On the lower end of the spectrum, you will find the Vapir oxygen digital vaporizer and if you are looking for one in the middle you can find the Lifestyle digital vaporizer, Natural Goods vaporizer or the Mystifire vaporizer which are about $300. On the higher end of the price scale you can find the Evolution digital vaporizer, Aromed vaporizer and the Volcano digital vaporizer.

The Vapir oxygen digital vaporizer is an excellent choice for those who want a good, quality vaporizer without having to spend a lot of money. This vaporizer is very easy to use and cost effective, so it is a wise choice if you do not want to invest in a more expensive one. You will still get the benefits of more expensive vaporizers with the Vapir oxygen vaporizer such as the option to take it anywhere with you and the digital display. If you are looking to spend more money on a good digital vaporizer, you may want to consider the Volcano digital vaporizer. The Volcano uses an advanced digital system that allows you to set the temperature you want and will also tell you the temperature that it is currently at. It also has a great feature of turning itself off in 20 minutes, so you do not have to worry if you forget to turn it off.

Whichever digital vaporizer you decide on, you will be able to have quality and ease of use with each one, and a great digital temperature setting so that you can control the temperature of whatever herb you are going to use. Digital vaporizers are a great choice if you are looking for a more healthy smokeless alternative and creating a vapor of your favorite herb that you want to use.


Why Invest in an Electric Cigarette?

The electric cigarette is a wise investment for anyone addicted to cigarettes. When we smoke we are both performing behaviours we receive enjoyment from as well as inhaling substances that have been proven to be highly addictive. This substance is nicotine. The electric cigarette, not only supplies the user with much needed solution, it also allows the owner of the electric cigarette to go through the whole process of smoking a cigarette. The electric cigarette only works when the user inhales air through the mouth end of the cigarette. The action of drawing air through the electronic airflow sensor results in the electronic cigarette automatically activating its heating element. Some electronic cigarettes may have a button to initiate this, but usually the former process is required. In addition to the activation of a heating element, some electronic cigarettes actually employ an orange-coloured light that illuminates on inhalation. The whole experience is rounded off by a measure of nicotine together with a flavour of tobacco.

The nicotine is real but the flavour of tobacco is synthetic. Nicotine is the substance that the smoker is addicted to. The whole dose is supplied via a highly toxic mix of fumes released when tobacco is burnt. It is the removal of this toxic mix via the removal of the tobacco element that makes for the health benefits of the electronic cigarette. The additional benefit being that there is no danger of passive smoking. Nicotine solutions contain propylene glycol or glycerine which are both common food substances. Nicotine solutions are none in the industry as e-liquids or e-juice, these solutions are available in different flavours and concentrations of nicotine.

As with traditional smoking the electronic cigarette gives the electronic cigarette user the option to choose his or her intake of nicotine. These are ultra-light, light and regular strengths and the determining factor in what dose the smoker gets is via which cartridge the electronic cigarette user chooses to put into the cigarette. For the health conscious smoker there are cartridges available for the electronic cigarette that contain little to no nicotine. As with traditional cigarettes these refill cartridges also provide the smoker with a choice of flavours. Common flavours available for the electric cigarette include, traditional tobacco or menthol. Developers of the electronic cigarette have also produced flavours such as, Marlboro or Camel like solutions. For the really experimental smoker electrical cigarette cartridges also come in, strawberry, orange, mint, vanilla, caramel and coffee.

The electron cigarette has become very popular throughout the world. As traditional smoking and has become less socially acceptable. Coupled with the fact that the knowledge base into the effects of passive smoking on the general public has become so irrefutable, electronic cigarettes have proved indispensible to many existing smokers. The effect of the inhalation of nicotine is still of concern to health professionals in regards to the smoker. However with the electronic cigarette the smoker is no longer polluting the air around him/her with carcinogenic substances which has to be a good thing.


What Is An Electric Cigarette?

An electric cigarette is a relatively new invention. The first electronic cigarette was created in the early 21st century. The earliest electric cigarette was made in Beijing. From its earliest launch onto the market, electric cigarettes have been a hit with those smokers with concerns about their health. It took a few years before the electric cigarette was accepted into the European market. Initially it was named the Electo fag. This name never took off, and versions of the original product have been marketed as e-cigarette, electric cigarette or electronic cigarette for the past decade.

So what is an electric cigarette? Well an electric cigarette is a electrical device in the shape of a traditional cigarette. This emulation is very important. The electric cigarette is used as a substitute to an actual cigarette. The design gives the smoker the impression that he/she is actually holding a cigarette. Clearly more than the look and feel is enough for a hardened smoker to satisfy their need to smoke a cigarette. The electric cigarette contains a battery-powered device that releases a predetermined quantity of nicotine to the brown tip end of the cigarette. This nicotine release is flavoured with a fragrance that emulates the taste and smell of tobacco. The next important ingredient in this simulation of the act of smoking is the smoke. This where the manufacturers and marketers of the electronic cigarette believe they are adding to the potential health of the smoker. Traditionally the nicotine and the smell of tobacco are provided by the combustion of said tobacco. One of the major problems inherent in this is that the vapours released during the process of burning tobacco are highly toxic to any living organism. The electronic cigarette delivers the nicotine and tobacco flavour through the inert medium of vapour.

Electronic cigarettes when used by their owner are believed to produce innocuous vapours into the environment, subsequently removing the dangers of potential passive smoking. These vapours are inhaled via the mouthpiece or cartridge of the electric cigarette. It is in this part of the electric cigarette that the nicotine element is added to the inhaled vapour. The nicotine is actually held within a semi porous absorbent material, which allows the vapour, mixed with nicotine to be draw through it. When the nicotine in this cartridge has been used up the user simply replaces it with a new one.

Another afore mentioned element of the electric cigarette is the "atomizer", or heating element of the cigarette. This part of the electronic cigarette creates the all important vapour that starts the simulation or burning tobacco. Next, the electronic cigarette requires a battery to deliver the power needed to generate the vapour. To make the electronic cigarette a viable option, manufacturers have created models that are easily rechargeable. To make sure that the recharging process fits with the users lifestyle, models have been designed that allow for recharging via USB , car and general wall outlet points.

Gradually the potential benefits of the electric cigarette over traditional smelly tobacco smoking has become more widely known by the general smoking public and as a result sales in the electric cigarette are booming.


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