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What Is An Electric Cigarette?

An electric cigarette is a relatively new invention. The first electronic cigarette was created in the early 21st century. The earliest electric cigarette was made in Beijing. From its earliest launch onto the market, electric cigarettes have been a hit with those smokers with concerns about their health. It took a few years before the electric cigarette was accepted into the European market. Initially it was named the Electo fag. This name never took off, and versions of the original product have been marketed as e-cigarette, electric cigarette or electronic cigarette for the past decade.

So what is an electric cigarette? Well an electric cigarette is a electrical device in the shape of a traditional cigarette. This emulation is very important. The electric cigarette is used as a substitute to an actual cigarette. The design gives the smoker the impression that he/she is actually holding a cigarette. Clearly more than the look and feel is enough for a hardened smoker to satisfy their need to smoke a cigarette. The electric cigarette contains a battery-powered device that releases a predetermined quantity of nicotine to the brown tip end of the cigarette. This nicotine release is flavoured with a fragrance that emulates the taste and smell of tobacco. The next important ingredient in this simulation of the act of smoking is the smoke. This where the manufacturers and marketers of the electronic cigarette believe they are adding to the potential health of the smoker. Traditionally the nicotine and the smell of tobacco are provided by the combustion of said tobacco. One of the major problems inherent in this is that the vapours released during the process of burning tobacco are highly toxic to any living organism. The electronic cigarette delivers the nicotine and tobacco flavour through the inert medium of vapour.

Electronic cigarettes when used by their owner are believed to produce innocuous vapours into the environment, subsequently removing the dangers of potential passive smoking. These vapours are inhaled via the mouthpiece or cartridge of the electric cigarette. It is in this part of the electric cigarette that the nicotine element is added to the inhaled vapour. The nicotine is actually held within a semi porous absorbent material, which allows the vapour, mixed with nicotine to be draw through it. When the nicotine in this cartridge has been used up the user simply replaces it with a new one.

Another afore mentioned element of the electric cigarette is the "atomizer", or heating element of the cigarette. This part of the electronic cigarette creates the all important vapour that starts the simulation or burning tobacco. Next, the electronic cigarette requires a battery to deliver the power needed to generate the vapour. To make the electronic cigarette a viable option, manufacturers have created models that are easily rechargeable. To make sure that the recharging process fits with the users lifestyle, models have been designed that allow for recharging via USB , car and general wall outlet points.

Gradually the potential benefits of the electric cigarette over traditional smelly tobacco smoking has become more widely known by the general smoking public and as a result sales in the electric cigarette are booming.


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